Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun in High Point

My water broke early this morning around 3:30a. I had non-frequent contractions that at times were 8-13 minutes apart, but not painful. When we checked in at the doctor's office around 11:30a., he wanted us to head over and be admitted into the hospital. They did the immediate test and confirmed that I was leaking amniotic fluid. Dr. Dorn came in about an hour later and checked my cervix - no dilation and cervix high. He said when he pushed up, the baby was "floating" meaning that there was a lot of fluid still surrounding him. He wanted them to do an internal swab test that is more accurate in confirming that the sac was ruptured. It was confirmed. He said he wanted my body to start labor on its own. There were several hours of the 8-13 min contractions, then it stopped, then one hour of contractions every 5 minutes, then stopped. I got a good nap in around 5p. Dr. Dorn came in to see if any progress on monitors. I stopped leaking fluid and my vitals are great. He didn't want to do another cervical check unless there were consistent contractions. This is what he told us in brief:

1. He has a suspicion that I have a "high leak" meaning that the upper part of my amniotic sac has ruptured and the baby moved and "plugged" it up. Naturally, the baby's descent with ruptured membranes causes your body to contract and dilate. Neither of these things are happening - or they are at least happening very slowly, as my nurse believes from other physical signs.

2. He definitely wants to continue monitoring me through the night and revisit things tomorrow morning. He said it's more likely than the above that contractions will start and things will progress, but slowly. Apparently this high leak is really uncommon.

However, tomorrow morning if there are no signs of infection (CBC good, no fever) and I'm still not leaking, he is going to send me home and have me check my temp every day. Could possibly continue leaking fluids until delivery, but really wants to avoid any possibility of induction because I'm a VBAC patient.

If I had been dilated, this entire story would have turned out differently. He would have felt to see if the lower sac was ruptured or in tact. If in tact and still leaking, because of concern of infection, he would have ruptured the rest of my membranes and let labor progress. Because I'm completely closed, there is no option for this.

So right now, I'm writing from the hospital. I'm tired, bored and hanging out here. Johannes went on a drive because there is not much happening. I've been hooked up to an IV of antibiotics, but can walk around at will.

I have never heard of this or read about this - even having trouble finding medical articles about high ruptures on google, but I'm finding several blogs that this has happened to several women. Ironic that this should happen to me, again. Water breaks and no consistent contractions. However, with Vivienne, I had a full rupture and I was dilated, though slight. Can you imagine having your water break, but still a FALSE ALARM? Isn't that insane????

I am so so thankful for a doctor who really sincerely cares about my wishes and also wants this to progress naturally. I have had two amaaaazing nurses, both Christians. My current nurse said she has seen high ruptures a couple times and the docs did send them home after a time. She has a feeling it's the same for me, but said you can't count your chickens until the bloodwork is done. :)

Keep in mind there is a good possibility of c-section should I develop signs of infection or labor starts, I start dilating, or I continue leaking fluid. As Dr. Dorn said, there are so many "what ifs" right now that it's hard to come up with a Plan A, B, and C. There are like three options to every scenario!

Keep us in your prayers! Vivienne has an ear infection and my sis had to take her to the pediatrician today (my sis was in town visiting and has to leave tomorrow for work). Johannes is stressed to the max and I think more tired than I am. My parents were ready to come, and I called them and said to wait - I really don't think anything is happening! My mom only has two days left teaching for the summer.

That's the update for now. What fun we're having in High Point. :) Hard to tell what will happen tonight, but I greatly appreciate your prayers. Please no FB posting as this is a select group of FB readers. I really don't want to repeat this story a million times nor share my intimate details with the public. :-0 Also don't want others to think I'm having a baby tomorrow if I'm not. I still have two and a half weeks until my due date. That's a long time to go if nothing happens tomorrow! :::Sigh:::

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