Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have to brag on my sweet children. I have a daughter who is so sweet and funny, and my cuddle bug. I have a son who eats, sleeps, eats, sleeps, repeat. :) I am at peace and wonder if this is the Lord's way of saying - "You can do this several more times." :) I truly love being a mommy. What a blessing.

This week could be described as productive. I was able to accomplish a lot in the home, yet also get out and about for my own sanity reasons. I emptied out Hendrik's closet that was holding our winter coats. Bad news is that if we were running out of storage several months ago pre-second baby, we are definitely out of room now. Eek. Basically, I have a huge tub sitting on our front porch until I get down to the storage building to clear out space. Ah. I'm ready for a bigger house. We have to wait at least one more year or pay back the $8000 tax credit. I think it's worth waiting, but I might go insane in the process.

Hendrik was due yesterday officially. Thank the good Lord for early deliveries! You know with Vivienne, when I was officially "done" and told my boss I needed to start maternity leave, my water broke that night. With Hendrik, I packed my bags 2 days before my water broke. I was officially done in my mind on that Sunday. There is much to be said about mommy feelings in my opinion. People, if you are feeling that way, watch out! :)

This week I took both kids to walmart on my own. I had the babies and we were walking out to the car. I was aggravated because I waited in line forever then got up to the register and realized my wallet was out in the car. The lady wouldn't wait on me to get my wallet (though no one was behind us). I was so tempted to leave the kids there with her and run out to the car which was right outside the door, but I didn't! So we were walking out and this sad little old man was sitting on the bench with his head down. Vivienne was walking behind me while I was pushing the cart and telling her to hurry up. She continued walking real slow and my patience was tested. When we passed the man, she nearly came to a stop and was staring at him. When he looked up at her, she smiled and waved at him. I told Vivienne to come on and gave him a half smile, thinking about my frozen pizzas which must have been thawed out by now, and the baby who would wake to eat at any moment. All of the sudden, the man stood up and his demeanor changed. He had a huge smile on his face. He started talking to Vivienne and pulled out quarters to give to her. He then said to me, "Please take your kids to church before it's too late, will you?" and started crying. I just stood there stunned for a second and then got teary realizing what he was saying. He came to look at the baby in the cart, and said it again. I didn't know what to say to him. Vivienne said "TANKS!" and I smiled and told him "I will, I promise" and we walked out. I was thinking the whole time what I could say to him on my return, but when we got in, he was gone.

I learned a lesson today. Next time, I will sit and let my pizzas thaw out, and have a conversation. I had a great teaching opportunity today, and I passed it up. Actions sure speak louder than words when raising your children. Today, Vivienne's actions taught me.

On Thursday, I was talking to baby Hendrik during his few seconds of awake time every day (seriously, this child will not wake up!). He was staring at me and kicking away. All the sudden, he smiled and cooed. I couldn't believe it! We've been watching him smile in his sleep, but it shouldn't happen during awake time for a few more weeks. I think I have a genius child. ;) Just kidding - but please seriously overlook my bragging throughout this blog, but this is how I'm going to document all these fun moments.

So I have a few goals for this week. I am feeling 100% and ready to get on the fit camp bandwagon. I hope to go walk at least 3 days this week. Grandma and Grandpa Roten brought Vivienne some beautiful little girls furniture today. I'm going to finish her room this week and hopefully post pictures next. I'm so excited about it! I'm also going to pick up a futon we just purchased which will go perfectly in Hendrik's room in place of the guest bed. All this interspersed with the daily cleaning routine (how in the world does my house get to be such a mess after spending all day cleaning?) We leave on Friday for my parents and our first road trip with Hendrik. Dad wants to introduce him in our church (it's a new baby routine - we stand and get to show him off in front of 500 people). ;) I am very excited to go home and see the fam. I miss them!

July is going to be crazy. Mom and I are flying to Austin to see my younger sister sometime this month and then I am taking the kids to vacation with my parents at the end of this month. I wish Johannes could go with us, but he won't be able to take off. We go on our own family vacation in August.

So, happy due date, Baby Hendrik! I'm so thankful to God that He gave us 2 1/2 extra weeks with you. :)

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