Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming soon...

I had random contractions throughout the night, but nothing picked up. This morning Dr. Dorn came in and did an ultrasound. My fluid levels were low, which meant - definitely not going home. My cervix had not changed from yesterday. He started me on a low dose of pit. He said he wants me to be 1cm dilated by tonight, which means the main goal for today is to soften and efface my cervix (which is at 0% right now). They are going to do a re-check tonight and if all is well, they will take me off of pit and let me sleep through the night, then start it up on the high dosage tomorrow to kick start real labor. He said we are going to take it easy today.

When I got up after he left, my water completely broke, which is good since my fluids aren't building back up. It means the baby will be pushing down harder on my cervix and helping me to efface (that's the hope). He has not got me on any time line. He said as long as my CBC is good, no fever, and no signs of distress, we are going to really try for this. He is augmenting labor, but in the hopes that things will get going before the low fluid level affects the baby.

When I had Vivienne, they started me on a high dosage of pit and after 8 hours, I went from a "fingertip" to 2 cm. Dr. Dorn said I didn't get a good chance to labor through it, and he noted that for this time. Johannes even brought up the thought, what would have happened if they had let me keep going instead of keeping me on that deadline with Vivienne? Would I have had a c-section? I don't know.

I have been on pit now for a total of 2 hours and my contractions have become frequent and are currently 5 minutes apart. I'm not in pain - just crampy and it takes my breath away when they peak. I think part of it is the fact that I know this could possibly go on for another day or two and that it's going to get much much worse. The doula is aware of everything, but I have not called her in yet. She gave me some good exercises to do here during contractions to try and maneuver the baby down. My current nurse (4th) is awesome and definitely helping to keep me comfortable and informed. She overheard me on the phone telling someone that maybe if things don't progress by tomorrow, they could do a c-section, and she interrupted me and said, "That's not true! Dorn said he will go as long as possible - even another day or two if your vitals stay great!"

I'm encouraged that at the very least, contractions have begun. My specific prayer request is that things will pick up and I start effacing and dilating, and labor continues when they stop the pit this evening. Please pray with me!

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